Where did the name come from?

ludo- Of or relating to games and play.

ludonarrative- The intersection between gameplay and narrative elements. AKA, “where narrative meets play!”

LudoNarraCon- A digital convention scheduled for May 2019, celebrating narrative video games, the people who make them, and the fans who enjoy them.

Why is there a need for LudoNarraCon?

Unlike physical events where the audience appeal is broad but the event is geographically focused, LNC has a more narrow audience appeal and is digitally accessible.

What will I get to see if I attend?

During LudoNarraCon, you can get the experience of checking out a game booth at a convention, without the crush of hundreds of people or squeezing into a small booth!

Participating developers will put out 2-3 hours of unique livestreamed content on their games’ store pages. Even if you miss it live, it will play on repeat for the rest of the event.

There will also be a central “theatre” stream featuring panels on topics related to narrative games and panelists including narrative game developers, writers and journalists.

Some games will offer downloadable game demos, available for you to play on your own computers during LudoNarraCon!

What game demos can I play during LudoNarraCon?

We’ll be making announcements about exhibitors and participating games in the weeks leading up to LudoNarraCon!

What studios are participating?

See above 😉

Can I exhibit my game at LudoNarraCon?

Maybe! Let us know you’re interested in getting involved by filling out this expression of interest.

For this first instance of LudoNarraCon, we’re keeping the event quite small. This is to test the proof of concept (is this REALLY a good idea??) and for us to work out the best way to put the event on.

If it's successful we hope to run another, bigger and better event, later in the year so please fill out the expression of interest form so we can be sure to contact you if this goes ahead.

I’m a journalist; how can I cover this event?

Request a press pass! Closer to the event, we’ll have a press portal available to provide early access to game demo builds and the opportunity to book appointments with participating developers. Pass holders will be given priority access to the portal.

If you'd like to interview anyone from the LudoNarraCon in the meantime please email us at press[at]fellowtraveller[dot]games.

What does a digital event like LudoNarraCon offer, that physical cons don’t?

Rather than providing something that physical conventions do not, our goal with LudoNarraCon is to attempt to replicate as many of the benefits of physical events as possible, with the additional bonus of reaching a global audience more easily.

The benefit of an event focused on narrative video games is our audience will be more targeted, and include folks who are truly interested in that type of content.

What benefits does LudoNarraCon offer developers?

Since the event is taking place on Steam, the largest storefront for PC games, our hope is to reduce the distance between seeing a game and taking an action such as purchasing or wishlisting.

We’ll also share analytics and data. We'll be able to use google and steam analytics to see how many people visited each store page and where they are from, for example, how long they spent on the page, how many demos were downloaded, how many people wishlisted the games and so on.

Will there be future instances of LudoNarraCon?

We hope so! This first event is very much a proof of concept. If all goes well, we hope to have many more LudoNarraCons in the future!