THANK YOU for coming the to first Ever LudoNarraCon!

This was a great experience for our team, and we were thrilled to share it with you. We hope you enjoyed it—we did!

We’ve taken a lot of notes on what worked and what didn’t from this event, and we hope to do it again sometime in the future. To be among the first to learn about a possible second LudoNarraCon, sign up for updates.


Download the LudoNarraCon Key Art for your background

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Watch the vods from Ludonarracon

Favorite Stories in Games FT. Kim Belair, Max Folkman, Nick Folkman, Greg Kasavin

Death in Games FT. Lottie Bevan, Alexis Kennedy, Coyan Cardenas, Will O’Neill

Writing for Short Games FT. Ben Wander, Ryan Green, Amy Green, Bruno Dias

Storytelling and Games FT. Patrick Ewing, Cassandra Khaw, Strix

Romance in Games FT. Tanya X. Short, Kate Gray, Nina Freeman

Procedural Generation and Narratives FT. Tanya X. Short, Tarn Adams, Bekah Saltsman, Richard Rouse III

LudoNarraCon Keynote Video